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Good-bye September, hello October!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Well, the calendar has flipped to a new month again, thankfully, since September was quite a whirlwind of activity at Rogues Gallery. First, let me report on the two dogs that we got over the summer after Salcha musher Martina Delp passed away suddenly. We have continued to get emails from her family and friends, and it is always bittersweet because while it is sad she did not live a full life, it is obvious from the messages being left that she was a wonderful person, loved by many, and someone who was extremely devoted to saving dogs. I hope that those that knew her will take solace in the fact that we received word from the agency overseeing the placement of her furry friends after her death and they reported that 37 of her 42 pets found homes. Also, the two that we adopted have transitioned to their new surroundings and new pack well. Sampson, the old man, enjoys spending the day digging huge holes that we fill with sand on weekends, despite how futile it is. He also enjoys short runs a few times a week. Rolo, the other younger male, is also doing extremely well. He has, so far, shown no signs of fatiguing on some extremely challenging runs. If he continues to do this well, he will very likely be on Colleen’s A-team this season.
Other aspects of kennel life have also been going well. We had a few misadventures, but nothing too out of the ordinary for dog mushers. We went on a late night run, not long after the harvest moon, and despite going roughly 3 hours after high tide, we still found some high waters in a few sloughs on the normal run. Normally these areas only have ankle deep water that the dogs just charge through, but the full moon had the water levels so high, we hit a few sloughs and the dogs just started swimming. We were very proud of them because this can be something that is difficult to teach the dogs and yet it is something they need to know how to do because overflow on rivers is a common obstacle in some races later in the year, and you never want to have to get off the sled, and get wet, to help the dogs across when its 30 below.
We also hit some blow-down, three trees that fell together, on one of our trails during an early morning run. We made a rookie mistake and forgot to pack a chainsaw, even though we knew it had been windy the night before. However, we ALWAYS carry an axe, so we ended up stripping off our down coats and other warm clothes (since it was in the low 30′s that morning) and chopping like maniacs because the team was still fresh and jumping, and barking, and raring to go right behind us. Nothing motivates you to chop quickly like 14 dogs all howling “Hurry!” at the top of their lungs.
We have also been running into numerous grouse on our early morning runs, which can make runs a little more interesting when the yearlings are in lead. I’d bet we have seen 20 of these birds in the last two weeks, as they are moving down close to roads to pick small pieces of grit. They do this to ingest the gravel so that they can use it in their crops to grind the course spruce needles they will eat all winter long.
We also picked up a few new individual sponsors last month. Look for their information under the dogs they sponsored soon. Several of these sponsors were children from Florida, and we are excited to be sharing a little bit of our lifestyle, and the northern culture, with youngsters living a very different lifestyle so far away. We thank everyone for their interest and support.
Also, as always, if you have reached this page while trying to reach our home page, type into the address bar at the top of your computer’s screen or use the Yahoo or Google search engine’s by typing our full name “Rogues Gallery Kennel”.