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Another Trip to the Veterinarian

Monday, May 24th, 2010

O.K. I’ve come to the conclusion, we can’t win to lose. Just as Dunkel’s injured toe was finally healing we find ourselves with two more injured dogs this week. One of the incidents was as unbelievable as the freak accident that took Kawlijah from us, only this time we were lucky enough that there were no fatalities in the kennel.
A few days ago, Buckwheat and several dogs were all playing together. They have this little game of doggie tag that they play every night, where they all chase one dog around, then they’ll take turns and all chase someone else. It’s really comical to watch, and they wear themselves out chasing each other over every square inch of our property.
Sadly, Buckwheat was getting chased and he ran through the middle of the dog yard. Crumb leaped out to get in on the action, and somehow, at the speed Buckwheat was moving, the Swedish snap from Crumb’s collar caught in his skin. He was running so fast that it literally peeled the skin from his chest like a banana. About a six inch patch of chest meat got exposed.
We quickly brought him in, cleaned out the wound and used a skin stapler to hold the flap in place until we could get him to the veterinarians. They got him into surgery, and $300 we don’t have later, he got all stitched up and now has a drain sticking out of the wound for the next 12 days. See picture below.
The second injury in the kennel this week came during another play session. Several females are in heat right now, and they tend to get really, REALLY bitchy with each other. We had Oaky and a few house dogs running around with us while doing some chores to get the garden in shape for the year, but Oaky thought it would be more un to pick a fight with Butterscotch. The squablle only lasted 30 seconds, but there were a lot of bites exchanged in that time before we broke them up. Oaky learned the error of her ways as Butter got the best of her. Oaky now has several holes in her ear and we are flushing the wound daily to try to keep it from getting infected.
Hopefully next week will bring some better luck our way. Until then…


Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

We have a new addition to the kennel, but it’s not another canine companion. Cole brought home a kitten this week. I know, right. She’s had a hole in her heart since we lost out cat of 14 years last year. Cole had wanted another cat, but with the intensity of training, packing and then being gone for weeks on Iditarod, she thought it was best to wait till winter was over. Like with many of our dogs, our last cat was adopted from a shelter, and this new little one came from someone Cole knew who was trying to find homes for a litter.
The little kitten is fitting in well. Since she is getting raised around so many dogs, she is quite a bit different from our other cat who was only raised around Snickers, This new kitten, we named Trouble, doesn’t run from the dogs, doesn’t get scared when they bark, and she actually seeks them out for play. Metoo and Dunkel are totally enamored with her, but in totally different ways. Metoo seems to have adopted her and spends inordinate amounts of time gently grooming the kitten, and if she sees other dogs being too rough, she comes and picks the kitten up in her mouth and carries her away. This is good since Dunkel looks to the kitten as a playmate. He is always softly chewing on her head, and he loves to flop on his side and let the kitten act tough by pawing and biting his muzzle. Most amazingly, even Shagoo seems to have taken to Trouble. Just today I caught the two of them curled up sleeping together. I almost fell out of my chair.
With so many dogs here, it is nice to have a kitten in the house again. Like the old cliché, in order to keep a true perspective of one’s importance, everyone should have a dog (or in our case dogs) that will worship them and a cat that will ignore them.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention, as promised we have been updating our website. We still have to go through and clean up some of the typos in a few of the bios, but all the dogs in the kennel are now listed and have their photos up. This includes all the tabs under “Athletes,” such as racers, house dogs, retirees, etc. We hope to update a few more photos, but it should all be done soon.
Also, we are still getting cards, notes and other cherished items from those who shared in our loss of Kawlijah. We cannot express our gratitude with everything we have received.
O.K. All for now, here are some more pictures of Metoo and Trouble.
Trouble wrestling with a gentle Metoo.
A worn out Trouble and Metoo curling up for a nap.

Stairway to Heaven

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

As promised yesterday, we are trying to get back to “a normal life,” or as close as anyone who lives with 40 dogs can get to having one. We took off after work today, loaded a couple of dogs and headed for one of our favorite hikes in the Mystery Hills. The Skyline Trail is only 2.25 miles one way, but it is almost straight up. The hike ended up being a real four season event. We started in sunny 62 degree weather with no snow, but at the top we were post-holing in two feets deep snow, with more falling in 33 degree weather. It was a long, but fun adventure. The dogs had a blast, as evident from the picture of Metoo above. Here are a few more photos, too.
Cole and Buckwheat keep each other warm on the summit, while the ever energetic Metoo entertains herself.
Cole and Metoo leaving civilization behind. If you look closely, at the lower elevation you can see the only road onto the Kenai Peninsula.
Joseph and the dogs making their way along a snow covered ridge.
Coming down the mountain, Buckwheat still had plenty of gas in the tank.

We’re slowly coming back

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Coming back to life that is, after trying to cope with the loss of Kawlijah. Again, thank you to everyone who sent words of encouragement, photos (like the one above) and other cherished items. They helped us heal, as the dogs continue to help us do each day. We have continued to spend a lot of “couch time” with Kawlijah’s mother Oaky, sister Seeker, and half-brother Dunkel. Surrounding ourselves with them has been very theraputic, since in them we can see gimpses of Kawlijah.
As many of you have stated though, we still have a lot of dogs to be here for, so life must go on. This past week alone we had Buliwf develop an unsual cyst in his ankle, so we had him in for surgery to have it removed. He is healing well, but we’re not entierly certain the whole cyst has been cleaned out. His foot still looks a little too puffy, but we’re continuing his antibiotics and hoping for the best. Dunkel also broke one of his toes rough-housing with Metoo out in the yard, so he is supposed to be resting his foot, which is near impossible since he is only a 5 month old pup.
Anyhoo, as I type these words its donning on me that some of these dogs haven’t even been added to our webstie’s bio section, so we are hoping to get on that in the next week to 10 days, so check for those updates soon. Cole has also resumed work on the second entry of her Iditarod journal and I hope to have that posted on this blog within the week too. So, long story short, anyone who hasn’t given up on checking on this blog during our greiving haitus, please check back soon, we promise to get back to our at least weekly updates from here on out.