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Big Snow, Big Moose

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

We got a bit of snow this week, close to a foot in 24 hours. Needless to say it has been great for running the dogs. We finally have all the trails in from the kennel, about 40-50 miles worth. It’s just to bad this snow didn’t come a couple of days ago during the race, might have been a totally different outcome. Our dogs tend to have incredible cardio and muscle stamina when it comes to breaking trail from all of the plowing we do in the early season. Had we got this amount during the T-200, perhaps the team would have done even better than fourth.
Oh well, can’t wish on what might have been. Instead we have been saddle up with all the work that comes with this much snow. The steps, the banister of which you can see in the foreground of this picture, have to be shoveled non-stop so Tatika, our geriatric German shepherd, can get in and out of the house. The dogs houses also had to be dug out so they continue to insulate with maximum efficiency, and of course the driveway was getting plowed as much as twice a day.
Still, it was beautiful to see so much snow on the trail, the trees and everywhere else. For a few days, we were finally living in quintissential Alaska. The only problem is now the deep snow has once again driven moose onto the dog trails and into the kennel. See pictures at the bottom of a moose getting a little too close for comfort. We’ve been keeping the firearms ready, but luckily this mose has not been threatening the dogs, just coming in to munch some saplings, then leaving. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.
Anyhoo, all for now, Enjoy the pics.

Here’s another shot of the dog truck. Look at how much snow is on the rearview mirror.

Who’s ready to cut some meat? Our saw completely buried.

When the snow gets deep I get out our homemade plow. I use the fourwheeler to pull an angled pallet that I’ve screwed a makeshift plow to the front of. It works pretty well and sure beats paying $80 to have someone else come plow it.

Zoom, one of our largest dogs, seems so small compared to this huge moose.

Seeker and the moose locks eyes. Lets hope tensions don’t rise beyond this stare down.