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More pics

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Here are some more pics from yesterday, and hopefully they’re not stretched out. I’m aware of the problem and trying to fix it so bear with me on this matter. Just click on any that are disorted to see the real image. Above is Cole leaving the chute with Buliwyf and Penny in lead. Can you tell Penny is ready to go??? Look at that smile!

Here’s one of two of my favorite girls. Lead dog Penny and Cole just before getting plugged into the team.

Here’s another shot of Cole leaving the chute, but from a vantage that shows the rear end dogs better. The big male at the front there is Dunkel, our resident couch potato. I put this picture in for all the people who remeber him as a little puppy when he looked more like a chubby hamster than a sled dog. It’s hard to imagine the powerful amazing animal he has grown into. He’s probably wondering why his best bud Metoo isn’t in the team with him.

Speaking of Metoo, this is her throwing a fit from the cab of the truck as dogs starting getting put in. She eventually began pulling on the window with her paws and had to be put in a dog box for her own safety. I thought she would break a window and run down the trail after Cole.

This is Cole just after passing me in the starting chute. It’s AMAZING how many THOUSANDS of people come out to watch and cheer her and the other mushers on. This chute of people went on for miles.

This last shot is not of Cole or the team, but I wanted to put in a picture of the boom camera I described in the last post. This thing came down even lower when Cole’s team went under it and I think half the dogs thought it was some kind of bird of prey coming down to snatch them up. They were pretty shocked. All for now, more when I know more.