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Strike a Pose

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Hi all. Big news this week. The dogs had their first proferssional photo shoot! As you can tell by the beautiful image above of Butterscotch, and below of Cole and Penny and big man Waylon, the photograpjher does some pretty impressive work. The images were taken by Albert Lewis, a photographer from Anchorage who is working on a coffee table book about the dogs of Iditarod caled “Born to Run/ Athletes of the Iditarod.
We were very happy to hear about the project since most books out there focus on musers and adventure tales, rather than the true talent….the dogs. We were equally excited when we foujnd out that Albert would only be featuring dogs from about 30 different kennels.
He shot about a dozen dogs and we won’t be able to share all the images until the book comes out roughly a year from now. Believe me, we are just as anxious to see the images as you are. He was particularly interested in thecolor patterns in our kennel. Not a lot of mushers like red-coated dogs, other won’t use blue eyed dogs, and we of course have a bunch of both. Our only regret was the dogs coats actually change color in summer, and a lot of the red dogs have a much more vibrant coat in winter, but oh well.
He spent a ton of time with Cyder and Crazy Horse, two of the most beutiful dogs in our kennel. He also shot images of Zoom, Hildy, Penny, Dunkel, Butter, Waylon, and Brick. It was very interesting seeing his techniques for getting good shots. He uses squeky toys and whistles, all kinds of stuff to get the dogs to make, at times, funny faces. It was suprising seeing who did the best and who did the worst. The dogs who are the most spooky of stragners actually did the best becuase they came in and just stood still and stared at him, while super friendly dogs like Dunkel jumped around and acted like a fool beucase he wanted to play with Albert rather than siot still for a photo.
Well, that all the news for this week. Fish camp is going on, so we are living down on the beach for the most part, and nect week we’ll have some pictures and updates about our annual endeavor to get salmon for us and the dogs.

A nice shot of Cole and our pint-sized powerhouse Penny. An always serious dog, Penny seemed embarrased by all the attention.

Big Waylon, we did our best to brush him out before the shoot, but sadly most of the dogs are still blowing their winter caots, so he looked a little scruffy for his shoot.