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Last of the Summer Swimming

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

This summer, like those of the past, I’ve really come to realize that some ofthe dogs really do love swimming more than they love running. This is great for two reason: one is we get to give them yearround exercise and enrichment; and two, if we did ever have to relocate to the Lower 48 for some reason, I do think as long as we secured a property with a lot of land and a large lake, the dogs could make it. Anyway, all for these week, mostly pics, not a lot of writing. Top pic is Chuba-bubba, looking gorgeous as he crosses the pond in the late afternoon light of a summer day this past week.

I know this above shot if pretty soft, but I don’t care. I love this image of Metoo and Dunkel diving in with reckless abandon.

Metoo coming in for a landing in the deep end.

The two hams running in from the shallow end of the pond.

Even our house dog Jeeves loves getting in on the swimming action.

Another Season is Off and Pulling

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Well, it’s about that time of year again, time to starting conditioning the dogs again. Actually, it’s still sort of in the quasi-time between summer and fall, so we are actually still free running and swimming the dogs, but also beginning to have them pull the fourwheelers around the neighborhood for short distances.
Excitedly, Susan MacRae (and her granddaughter) came up for a kennel visit and joined us for our first run of the season. This was kind of a treat, since Susan was our Iditarider during the 2010 Iditarod. Since she was there for what was basically our last run of the season that year, it was neat to show her how the season actually starts.

We ran three teams and every lead dog, such as Rolo and Six above, did great. All the leaders we used all led like they hadn’t had any time off at all. In fact the only negative were that the dogs were so excited to be pulling again, two of them – Squirrel and Klause — very naughtily chewed on their harnesses while waiting to get under way.

Susan also tends to spoil the dogs in the kennel from wherever she is, and visiting was no exception. She brought up a whole new batch of Cuz chew-toys, one of the dogs personal favorites. She also brought up a huge pile of dog treat from our kennel friend Amy Gregg, who used to live here in Alaska, but transplanted down to Texas about a year ago. The dogs have loved all the treats they’ve tried so far, and we have been careful to hide them when we’re not home to ensure Shagoo doesn’t help herself to them as she did to a big batch of red velvet cupcakes this past week.

We are also thankful for Susan’s amazing quilting skills. She made us pillow with a picture of our beloved Tatika on each side. We miss her every day, but things like this allow us to still see her around the house daily, even if just in memory, and we are thankful to be reminded of her.
All for this week. Look for more frequent updates as the season starts to really get rolling.