A Rogue Video

fall training splashs 009
Alright, we’re like the last people on the planet to still be on dial-up, but we’ll give this a try for all you people with high speed connections. I tried it once in HD and it was a no-go, so I shot this in a lower resloution with a different camera, but then it wouldn’t upload with dail-up. Then I came to town once and the usual place I upload had a reuter (or is it router) down. So hopefully this is it. I hope this gives a little more of a taste of what it’s like here. Here are some videos of training at dusk on the high beach. You can see our volcano, Mount Redoubt, at the end of this first clip. Here is also another of how sloppy and muddy the trails have been lately from too much rain and too many mushers sharing the same trails. Enjoy the clips because they may be the last for a while. I’m going back to pictures after this until we get a higher speed connection at the house. This is just too much work.
fall training splashs 008

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  1. Susan Says:

    From my viewpoint, it was well worth the effort! Gosh! that is quite muddy slogging, but the dogs look really joyful. Thanks for the effort. I’m sure it is frustrating to upload with dial up.

    Did you watch the movie I sent on the little stick drive? From 2010 Iditaride.


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