Getting Closer To Elim (and the end)

Hi all, made it it Nome and have been glued to the screen watching COle’s progress. WAs in Unalakleet yesterday and the pilots going and comeing were talking about how terrible the wind was from Shaktoolik to Koyuk. It looks like it picked up on the northern end ther near Koyuk as the day went on, which couldn’t have made it too easy on Cole and the others, who the papers haved come to call “The Storm Troopers,” (my nephew’s going to love hearing that.)
I couldn’t tell you what happened since I haven’t talked ot her yet, but watching the size of the group that went and knowing the winds didn’t die down, I’d guess as a group they decided to wait until the warmest time of day and then just decided to drive into the wind. Glad they all made it, and Cole left Elim with 10 dogs still, so hopefully the wind didn’t take out Penny’s champion heart.
It’s clear from the standings the windwtorm let a LOT of people catch up to Cole. She gave up about 8-10 positions depending on how the leapfrogging is at the moment. It looks like following the GPS tracker, though, she is still trying to claw her way back to the front of the pack she is now in.
This will be tough to do at this stage of the race. COle eaked out the lead she had on some of these folks by running hard when she had powerhourses like Quigley, Cyder, Rowdy, Dunkel and Keno. All dogs that are now home. With only 10 left, she may not be able to keep up with these teams that ran more conservatively most of the race, and as a result have lkarger teams now with more cumulative rest on them overall.
That’s what makes it a race though, so time will tell what will happen. She called from Koyuk, but my phone is no longer working in Nome. Hopefully I can figure out a way to here fomr here in Elim. All for now.

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  1. Martha in Juneau Says:

    The Storm Troopers! She is doing amazingly well even with the powerhouse dogs at home – I know she gave up a lot of spots when they all piled into Shaktoolik, but look at her go! And I’ll bet some of these mushers have gotten to know each other and their teams pretty well with all this pack traveling. This could open up some great opportunities – fingers crossed!

    Susan, did you read the little blurb about Pat Moon after he scratched? He patched up a local kid who had a bad head laceration, and the family is crediting him with saving the boy’s life. Pat is being humble, and saying “Anyone would have done the same”.

    Go 42! Pass those rookies, but stay safe! Penny – we love you – you go, girl!

  2. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Susan said Cole just made it into Elim, and passed that nice rookie we all wanted her to pass. Good thing she’s listening to us!

  3. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Forgot the link to the Pat Moon story:

  4. admin Says:

    Hahaha. Saw some of your comments. Yeah, Cole is in a pretty good crowd right now thaqt I hjope she is having fun with it all. Lance, Braxton Anjanette, Jodi and Mike Santos are all pretty good friends of hers, so hopefully they are having fun trying to “beat” each other to the finish. It’s tough beucase I want her to pick these people off so maybe the bankaccount won’t be in the red for once, but it’s tough wanting her to beat people that are friends. I guess its lose-lose either way.

  5. Susan Says:

    Yes, I read that about Pat. Great story. Good guy. Thanks for sharing.

    Here’s what I posted at the end of the last thread beforeI discovered that Joseph had posted.

    She is into Elim…had just passed A. Steer. Yay!

    Now to see how much rest they need before heading out to White Mountain (Mile 840. Then a good 8 hour rest.

  6. Susan Says:

    Don’t think of it as lose-lose situation. Racing among good friends is the best! You do your absolute best, as do they. In the end you rejoice in your placement and theirs.


    Go Cole!

  7. Susan Says:

    Current standings have Cole in 24th place. Ed Stielstra (sp) and Nicolas Petit came in 4 and 5 minutes ahead of her.

  8. Susan Says:

    Joseph said: “She called from Koyuk, but my phone is no longer working in Nome. Hopefully I can figure out a way to here fomr here in Elim. All for now.”

    She needs to call someone who has computer access… or if there is computer access in Elim she might be able to post an email to you…

    Maybe a plan for next time????

  9. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Well then, she just needs to pick them off one by one next. Go Cole!

    It’s not lose-lose Joseph! Except the bank account, that one is tough. I just put a few bucks on the PayPal button, and let’s all do that if we can afford to! If you don’t see it on the post page, it’s on the main blog page (hint hint).

    Go Cole! She’s got to be looking forward to that White Mountain rest. And seeing hubby…

  10. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Out of Elim, right behind Lance Mackey, in 23rd! I’m glad they’re buddies but I still want Cole to pass him!

  11. Susan Says:

    cole just left Elim. Kelly Griffin came thru and didn’t stop, as did Lance (but I think he rested short of Elim).

    Go, Cole!!!

  12. Susan Says:

    Of the 12 racers listed on the Current Standings into or out of Elim, Cole posted the 2nd fastest run from Koyuk. Cim Smyth posted 5:37 and Cole ran it in 5:49. She took a bit less than 2 hour rest in Elim.

    Go Team!!!

  13. Jerseykat / Janet Says:

    I’m with everyone in that I’m relieved she’s now in Elim and it’s only a day or so away to Nome. Glad she’s still showing the 10 dogs (go Penny go!). Hope Cole and the team get some well deserved rest before they take off for White Mtn. Right now she’s showing 24th, hoping she gets going and makes the top 20 for the $$$. But beyond that I’m just hoping for a safe journey. Go Cole Go!!!

  14. Jerseykat / Janet Says:

    Dang in the time it took to write my comments she was in and out of Elim!!! Based on this I’d say the team is looking good! Yay!!!

  15. Susan Says:

    the group on the way to White Mountain:

    20 Griffin, Kelley 5.8 807 R

    18 Mackey, Lance 7.2 803 R

    42 Robertia, Colleen 7.5 802 R (been maintaining this speed last three updates)

    06 Bailey, Jodi 0.0 800 R

    09 Petit, Nicolas 7.4 800 R

    32 Steer, Anjanette 7.1 799 R

  16. Susan Says:

    Cole has slowed, but topo shows she’s going up hill….
    20 Griffin, Kelley4.0 812 R

    18 Mackey, Lance5.8 809 R

    42 Robertia, Colleen3.5 808 R

    32 Steer, Anjanette7.1 807 R

    06 Bailey, Jod i6.6 807 R

    09 Petit, Nicolas5.9 807 R

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