Race within the Race

Holy cow!!! It looks like there’s going to be a 10 way race for 20th place.!!! The clump of teams that all moved through the storm together now appear to be racing each other for those 10 places from 20th to 30th, and Cole has fought her way back to 23rd and it looks like she is trying to real in fourtime champ Lance Mackey (currently in 22nd) and Kelly Griffin (curretnlyh in 21st). Everyone appears to have cut rest or not taken any in Elim and are on their way to Golovin, but with the mandatory 8 hours rest in White Mountain, I’ve gotta believe that’s where everyone is headed, unless Cole is going to briefly stop in Golovin too, and just wanted to play mental poker with those she (thought ) she left behind in Elim. Sometimes when mushers see a musher cut rest and go like that, they think “she wants it more than I do, I’ll just stay longer.” But it looks like this time it didn’t work and as Cole left, everyone else bootied up and took off after her. CAn’t wait to see how it plays out. Could be a foot race down front street if this keeps up. Stay tuned.!

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  1. Susan Says:

    Yes, Jos, I have been watching and zooming the GPS down tight to Cole and those ahead and behind.. very exciting.

    Also watching the drama of Justin Savidis, who apparently got disoriented crossing the Sound (the GPS forum calls it the Norton Triangle). He veered way off to the left (NW?), retraced steps, circled, came almost to the coastline. Maybe saw it was on his left instead of right side. Has turned around and headed back out onto the ice!!! He left Shaktoolik at 3 am…. been out there 11 hours.

    This is why I think Cole needs a GPS for her sled. Good to know where you are!

  2. Janet / Jerseykat Says:

    I’m going to be biting my nails if it comes down to the front street and who shows up in what order!

    Didn’t realize Cole didn’t have onboard GPS. We have to look into this for RGK and possibly start up a chipin account to get moving on this.
    Don’t want Cole and Penny (got a soft spot for this tiny pooch) wandering around the ice with the rest of the team.

    I’m glued to see what time everyone hits White Mountain and how soon they depart after the mandatory 8.
    LOL Joseph I hope your nerves hold up! It’s gotta be so much harder in a way watching rather than running.

  3. Susan Says:

    Lance has caught Kelley. HE’s going 7.9 to her 6.1. Colleen just behind, looks like less than a mile. she is traveling at 7.5!


    (just before I pushed “submit”, it updated and shows cole at 9.3 mph (musta been a downhill onto the ice on the way to Golovin

  4. Susan Says:

    Forgot to add that she’s at mile 820. White Mt. is 840.

    Joseph, can’t you wrangle a snow mobile and speed to White Mt. to say hi, and then back to see finish?

  5. Susan Says:

    Just behind Lance, she went thru Golovin at 8.1 mph!!!, she passed Kelley.

  6. Janet / Jerseykat Says:

    Susan due to work I didn’t subscribe to the gps or anything on the iditarod site. Question is do the insiders get a feed of the finish of all the racers? Can I watch Cole come in? Trying to guestimate her time into Nome and see if I will be home from work to watch.

  7. Amy Gregg Says:

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I think onboard GPS for the sleds are illegal. We would definitely need to check into that first. More later.

    Go team go!

  8. Susan Says:

    On the GPS forum it’s been mentioned that many mushers have them. Some have them to maintain the dog’s speed at nothing over 8.5 during first half of race. Aily mentions that she has one to maintain the run, snack, rest schedule. So I am sure they’re not illegal.

    In fact I think you can see one on Dallas’ sled handlebar(??) in his finishing foto.

  9. Donna Schmidt Says:

    Thanks for the consistent updates!! I don’t have the insider gps either but will have to pay next year!
    I too think if it’s legal she should have a gps for safety an strategy and would be happy to contribute to get her one if she doesn’t already!!
    Go Cole Penny and team!

  10. Susan Says:

    16 milesto White mountain and Cole just passed Lance! They are still right together within the same mile marker but the Tracker picture shows her ahead. at 6.4 mph! Lance at 5.3 mph and Steer at 2 miles behind.

    Wow!!!! this is great and now I must get ready for a meeting–RATS! must leave in 20 minutes.


  11. Susan Says:

    NOOOO! MY BAD! not 16 miles to go….It was 6.

    Now it is less than 5! GGGOOO!

    back soon.

    Glad it’s okay to post all this stuff for you all. I share with my husband and he says..” hmmmm, that’s nice…”

    I feel the need to share with likeminded folk

  12. Janet / Jerseykat Says:

    LOL Susan try at least to have a good meeting and not be distracted by those last 6 miles!!

  13. Mary Lowell Says:

    Susan, I certainly appreciate the updates as I don’t have the GPS tracker. I’m in Massachusetts and the time difference is driving me nuts. This is getting to be as distracting and nerve wracking as the bad weather of yesterday! Go Cole and team…lovin’ little Penny more and more!

  14. Martha in Juneau Says:

    This is killing me! I want Cole and team to be in the top 20, and I have a class to go to also. I don’t want to go until I see her come into White Mtn (then we can all rest for a bit!).

    I had a meeting this afternoon with some longtime Juneau attorneys, and we started talking Iditarod (of course). When they asked me which team I was favoring, I told them Colleen Robertia! I didn’t think they’d know Colleen, but one of them piped right up and said “Did you know she rescues dogs? She is wonderful!”

    Cole, Joseph, Penny and team – your reputation and name is getting out there, as it should be! You guys rock – go 42!

    Susan, I’m glad I didn’t do the GPS paid Insider thing this year. I wouldn’t get anything else done, so thanks for all those in between updates!

  15. Martha in Juneau Says:

    GPSs are now permitted – they did not used to be and I’m not sure when it changed.


    “Rule 35 – Electronic Devices: No two-way communication device shall be allowed unless provided by ITC. Use of any electronic communication or tracking device shall not be permitted unless provided by the ITC. While a musher may carry a one-way emergency device such as an emergency locator transmitter (ELT), a Spot™, or other similar satellite tracking device, activation of any help or emergency signal, including accidental activation, will make a musher ineligible to continue and will result in an automatic withdrawal from the race. Night vision goggles are not allowed. Use of GPS is permitted.”

  16. Amy Gregg Says:

    Cool about the GPS. This is one time I’m glad to be wrong.

    My hubby is a little interested but not nearly “hooked” like I am. Although the sweetie did text me an update at work today.

    She’s into White Mountain but leader board isn’t updated yet. I didn’t get to see it so I don’t know the details…

  17. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Yay! She passed Lance and Kelly coming into White Mtn, but Lance is only one minute behind her. Wow! YOU GO GIRL! After your 8 hr rest that is! She’s still 1.75 hr or so later coming into White Mtn than #20 – Gerald Sousa, so she’s going to have to have a good run to get into that slot, while fending off that great Mackey musher, too.

    You can do it, Cole! Rest up, lots of hugs to dogs, and hopefully talk to hubby.

  18. Ann Says:

    I was very moved by an interview Colleen did expressing her gratitude to her dogs. I am enjoying the race via the internet. For me it is all about the dogs, their care & wellbeing while they do what they love, running down the trail.
    I see she is in White Mountain. I will be rooting for her to come in ahead of the rest of the pack. I wish you would get on twitter. You could link to your post and get her name out there more. I really had to look for you. Twitter is how most are following the race, especially outside of Alaska.
    Good Luck & best wishes.

  19. Susan Says:

    I’m back from my meeting in a cinderblock school that had no service for my iphone… so I couldn’t check the progress.

    Happy to see Cole is into White Mountain! Yay! I think she has done an awesome, amazing job husbanding (is there a female equivalent to that word) her team and making exciting runs.

    Last time she finished in 36th place in 10 days 23 hours and something. So she has made stunning improvement in her placement so far. (I think it was all the swimming with the dogs in the summer!)

    She arrived White Mountain at 17:18. Eight hours added to that is…hmmm I’m not good at 24 hour clocks….(she counts on her fingers) 01:18 is the earliest she can go.

    Of course, it will also depend on how spent the doggies are from today’s fine run.

    And 1:18 am ADT is 2:18 here in Nevada…add three more for Mary in Mass. So Mary, you’ll need to be up at 5 am to watch!

  20. Martha in Juneau Says:

    OK Susan – thanks for the math! Not only do I count on my fingers, I have to sing the damn alphabet when I’m filing.

    I’ll be up – didn’t go to my class since Cole wasn’t into White Mountain and I couldn’t concentrate without that little detail being all firmed up. I’m taking a nap, going to get up and watch “A Dolphin’s Tale” and by then it should be time for the team to head out. Maybe Lance will oversleep…shhhh…don’t wake anyone when you sneak out, Cole!

    This team, in spite all of their challenges, has done fabulously well. No one is going to forget Cole and her team anytime soon! Go 42!

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