Ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE A DOG RACE!

Holy cow, that group of 10 mushers moved with about 3 miles of each other for nearly 100 miles. That just doesn’t happen in distance racing. Finally toward the end of the day as the all neared White Mountain, Cole finally drove to the front of the pack to come in in 21st place!

But, it is still only minutes that separates her from several other high caliber mushers and with 77 miles to go it is impossible to say if she can hold onto that spot. She could do it, or give up a spot or two, or totally crash from today’s big, fast push and end up in 30th place.

We’ll find out tomorrow as they should get in to Nome around 10ish by my estimates, but maybe sooner or later depending on the trail, the wind and how far apart they remain over that distance. Seeing 10 teams every time you look over your shoulder has got to have everybody kicking and poling as hard as they can, and if they weren’t today, the definitely will be tomorrow.

Just talked to Cole as I was writing this and she said she is so excited for tomorrow that even though she hasn’t sleep in days, she still can’t sleep. She’s really worried about Lance, Anjanette or one of the others behind her dashing past, and it may happen. She said it’s been really fun moving with Lance so much too because while he obviously isn’t havingt the race he wished for. Moving with a four-time champ like him and seeing him at every checkpoint, she’s really learned a lot about her own racing routine.

Its funny hearing her perspective on the last 100 miles too because she said for most of it, she had no idea any of those teams other than Lance were even around her. She said going through the storm out of Shaktoolik, she didn’t know any of them were that close and she said it was of the scariest runs of her life because she felt so alone in such terrible weather.

As to the dogs who have gotten her through all of this the last day or so, she said she has been in a constant rotation between Penny, Wolf and Zoom. Penny has been her rock, but when the wind gets too tough on her she goes to Wolf, but Wolf hasn’t want to do hills, so she goes to Zoom for ups. She said goliath even stepped up and pulled out front for the leg to Golovin because the other three were all getting pretty pooped. She said Zoom has also picked up a virus in the last 24 hours, so while she is still eating and performing well, she has pretty bad diarrhea so her weight is really slipping, so its good the end is so near.

It’s been an exciting end to what has been a race with lots of emotional ups and downs. It’s UNBELIEVABLE no media outlets are covering this race within the race, not to mention word here in Nome is that several teams behind Cole’s grouping didn’t make it through the winds storms out of Shaktoolik and one musher got lost for hours and another got turned around by the terrible head winds and lack of trail. I guess as is far too often the case in mushing coverage, now that the first person has crossed the finish line, many media folks think the race is over.

Any how, I’m still following it with the excitement of a school boy on the last day before summer vacation. In the meantime enjoy these two pics. The one at the top is a screen capture of a distance of less than two miles to show how close all the teams ran all day. The one at the bottom is a snow sculpture overlooking the dog lot in Nome where hopefully the dogs will be parked and getting some well earned rest tomorrow. All for now.

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  1. Susan Says:

    Well, even if Cole was unaware of the others around here, WE were comforted to see she was traveling with a group!

    I’m going to bed and setting my alarm for 2:15 so I can watch the exciting finish.

    Hopefully Zoom is improving and the others are healthy for the run to the burled arch.

    It’s been a very exciting day!

  2. nancy mullet Says:

    Have not been able to leave my computer today. Just waiting for the moment when Colleen would pull ahead. Hoping she has enough competetive spirit left and the dogs do too to be the first of the group to cross the line. It has been an amazing race!

  3. Amy Gregg Says:

    “Win or loose” today, Cole and team have done an amazing job! And that includes Joseph, too! The training and hard work you have put in is really paying off. And I’m very of you all.

    Joseph, thank you so much for keeping us updated throughout the race. Having your input and perspective, along with info directly from the trail has made this race even more interesting. And I appreciate you.

    Yesterday, I named the dogs running with Cole but myory failed me. So Go Goliath, Go Hank and Go Seeker! I didn’t mean to leave you out!

    To Penny, the little dog that could, and Wolf and Zoom: you are almost to the end. Daddy’s waiting at the finish line with hugs, warmth and rest. Run quick and pull hard!

    Go, team go. It’s going to be a very exciting day!

    And so it begins: 4:18 am my time. Which is now.

  4. Amy Gregg Says:

    Oops left out the word “proud” and can’t spell “my memory” but hopefully you got the point. My excitement overcame me.


  5. Susan Says:

    Current standings finally shows that Cole is out at exactly 8 hours rest and all 10 dogs! Latest GPS has her at mile 847 just a hair behind Lance.

  6. Mary Lowell Says:

    I can see that I am not going to get much work done today…shh, don’t tell my boss! Go Cole and team!!!

  7. Kathy Says:

    I agree that the news media think the race is over. Little do they know…… This has been so exciting, even from a distance. (Illinois) Little Penny is a super dog. I hope Cole does a short recap of the race after this is all over.
    I’m glad she has the experience of running with Lance.
    Whew!!! What a race… Go 42!!!! We’re rootin’ for ya!!!

  8. Donna Schmidt Says:

    Wasn’t even out of bed this morning before I had to check on my phone if she’s left yet! So excitied to see her fight to place. I hope the dogs heart is still in it. And Zoom feels okay!!
    My patients have noticed my distraction all week but today is going to be worse! They’ll just have to do their exercises alone!! ( I’m a physical therapist)
    Go Cole cheering loudly from Colorado!!
    Happy to be cheering with all of you!

  9. Jerseykat / Janet Says:

    O.k. it’s official all my nails are gone, I’m biting them like a demon. This is so exciting that after 800+ miles we’re literally coming down to the wire.
    I thrilled for Cole that she and the team are holding up as well as they are, and that she’s excited. The adrenelan will carry her to the arch!

  10. Amy Gregg Says:

    I’m at work but just checked a she passed Lance! She one mile ahead and about 20 miles before Safety.

    Go Cole! You ROCK!

  11. Susan Says:

    5:46 ADT:

    42 Robertia, Colleen 8.2 868 R

    18 Mackey, Lance 8.2 867 R

    06 Bailey, Jodi 9.1 865 R

    32 Steer, Anjanette 7.5 861

    I’ve been awake since 3am… off and on with laptop in bed with me… I cannot believe how exciting this is!

  12. Nancy Baumgardner Says:

    I don’t think my posts ever get to you Cole. So I’ll just send this out to the universe. I have followed you every step of the way (from Corrales, NM). I’m so impressed with your strength and determination and love for your dogs.

  13. Susan Says:

    6:16 am

    42 Robertia, Colleen 9.4 873 R
    (Wow! look at that speed–downhill I would expect–since you can only go as fast as your slowest dog, Zoom must be feeling better)

    18 Mackey, Lance 7.6 873 R

    06 Bailey, Jodi 8.2 870 R

    I was hoping to find at least a blog commentary from Zack Steer, since his wife is in the stampede to Nome, but nada. Will keep searching.

    Go RGK!

  14. Jerseykat / Janet Says:

    My theory is that Penny and crew know that the finish is right down the way and want to get there fast. They can probably sniff out Joseph waiting with treats at the arch!
    LOL like a long road trip and knowing a hot shower and soft bed await!

  15. Susan Says:

    Lance has 9 dogs, Jody Baily has 12… She has really been hammering and slowly gaining on Cole and Lance.

    6:36 am

    42 Robertia, Colleen 7.9 876 R

    18 Mackey, Lance 6.9 875 R

    06 Bailey, Jodi 8.2 872 R

    Oh Man!!! How long can they keep this up??? Safety is mile 887 then 22 more miles to Nome.

  16. Jerseykat / Janet Says:

    Not sure where Jodi is but assuming she’s on the downhill with that speed. As Cole and Lance both slowed down I’m hoping she will too, tough to keep that up.
    This is the race in the race!

  17. Susan Says:

    How many of the team have been to Nome, besides Penny? Hank, Nuk, … How many are feeling the “pull” of the home stretch?

    The last two GPS updates show Cole and team running in the 9 mph range!!!

    7:23 am
    42 Robertia, Colleen 9.0 881 R

    18 Mackey, Lance 7.2 880 R

    06 Bailey, Jodi 7.9 878 R

  18. Kathy Says:

    When “our” number 42 gets to Nome, don’t forget there are still others out there heading towards Nome. Let’s keep rooting for them. Thanks again, Joseph, and the others for keeping us informed…. What a race…..

  19. Amy Gregg Says:

    I was thinking the same thing this morning. I wonder if those that I been to Nome before recognize it and know the end is close.???

    Wow, they are all doing such a great job!

    She’s going to have to stop somewhere for a little rest and snack the dogs and herself to keep up their energy. I assume everyone will have to do the same. I just hope she doesn’t lose too much ground.

    It looks to me like her lead may be enlarging, but I’m not sure. My checks are short and sweet today at work. I’m not getting to “study” everything like I like to do. It also looks to me like the lead Sousa (I think) has on her is dwindling. :-)

    Go Team!

  20. Judy Schmidt Says:

    Colleen is definetly not traveling alone. All thoughts, prayers and energies are with her. She can also be grateful to have you, Joseph. May God give all of you the strength you need. Thank you all for all the information

  21. Jerseykat / Janet Says:

    BTW in the next few days know that Joseph and Cole will be exhausted and might not be up on the blog so I want to take this minute to say thank you to them and everyone here.
    Cole…thank you for such an exciting race. (think I’m developing a heart condition watching you!) You and your team are amazing, wonderful and I’m so proud to “know” you.
    Joseph..thank you for being such a great husband, dog wrangler and blog updater (sp?). Your updates have really kept us all involved and part of the experience.
    Susan..thanks for the play by play. LOL I keep checking to see if when you post as it’s always something exciting.
    Martha in Juneau, Amy, Donna, Kathy & Mary thanks for sharing this absolutely fun and amazing event.
    Now on to NOME!!!!
    Gotta say it Go Penny Go…love that mightly little pooch!

  22. Susan Says:


    42 Robertia, Colleen 9.9 887 R

    18 Mackey, Lance 7.1 886 R

    06 Bailey, Jodi 7.5 884 R

    Yay team! 22 more miles–Be safe

  23. Jerseykat/Janet Says:

    Just noticed that Gerald dropped 2 dogs while stopped in Safety.
    First I hope they are o.k. but this may change things for that final push into Nome for the 20th spot.

  24. Jerseykat/Janet Says:

    Dang Susan I gotta get that tracker next year! Has Cole left Safety yet?

  25. Nancy Mullet Says:

    Looks like her stop in Safety was brief. She is at mile 889, 2 miles ahead of Lance Mackey and 4 miles ahead of Jodi. She must be feeling good and the dogs must want to run. I don’t think she’ll catch up and overtake #20 but 21 is a great finish. I have enjoyed following Colleen and the dogs in this race and can’t wait to get to AK this summer so I can congratulate her in person. thank you Joseph for your insider updates and helping me to realize they are more than just bleeps on a map. GO TEAM!!!!!

  26. Susan Says:

    Gerald Souza had 8 hours of rest in Safety, so catching him is unlikely–and (worried ‘mother’ here) maybe unwise.

    I figured she would blitz thru Safety. I was off checking on the Busers who are 7 miles out of Nome. They have been travelling almost side by side, but now Rhone has opened up just a bit of a lead. Wondering if they’ll race to the finish for bragging rights?

    42 Robertia, Colleen 7.9 890 R

    18 Mackey, Lance 6.8 888 R

    06 Bailey, Jodi 0.0 886 R

    I am here until they blow out the Widow’s Lantern. Lots more folks coming. But THIS is the one that has my heart.

    Nancy, When are you going in summer? I am planning on trip with granddaughter in August. Cousins have place on the Kenai.

  27. Susan Says:

    Just FYI from the GPS forum a bit old but shows the remaining field:

    41 Buser, Martin 6.3 902
    62 Buser, Rohn 6 902
    58 Sousa, Gerald 5.4 894
    42 Robertia, Colleen 7.9 890
    18 Mackey, Lance 6.8 888
    6 Bailey, Jodi 0 886
    20 Griffin, Kelley 6.7 879
    32 Steer, Anjanette 6.3 879
    8 Smyth, Cim 8.2 878
    45 Stielstra, Ed 7.6 877
    9 Petit, Nicolas 0 876
    63 Peterson, Braxton 7.8 873
    60 Swenson, Rick 6.8 867
    12 Maixner, Kelly 6 852
    46 Olson, Ryne 7 850
    3 Lanier, Jim 7 846
    22 Santos, Mike 7.1 807
    16 Herbst, Trent 0 798
    36 Linton, Bruce 7.4 798
    43 Hendrickson, Karin 8.2 798
    52 Giblin, Matt 0 798
    61 Perano, Curt 0 798
    37 Janssen, Scott 0 794
    4 Pinkham, William 8.4 792
    31 Berington, Kristy 7 786
    33 Berington, Anna 6.2 786
    38 Savidis, Justin 6.2 786
    64 Church, Jr, Art 8.7 767
    19 Cooper, Travis 0 755
    30 Kinzer, Jaimee 0 755
    57 Failor, Matt 0 755
    48 Debruin, Hank 4.6 748
    56 Ramstead, Karen 0 748
    65 Seavey, Dan 0 713
    40 Steves, Jan 0 639
    49 Chlupach, Bob 0 639

  28. Martha in Juneau Says:

    IMPORTANT message to Joseph if you haven’t received this yet:

    Laurie, dubbed “Keeping the Home Fires Burning & Dogs Happy Friend”, said she can feed dogs for him at home on Fri, Sat, Sun if he wants or needs to stay in Nome. He will need to let her know via the comment section.

    I know this has been a big weight on your mind Joseph – however, the way Cole and that team are going I think you knew they were going to make it to you in time! But now, the worry is off and you can enjoy this incredible event.

    To those of the blog followers, Laurie is a huge friend to RGK! She has a busy agenda of writing and traveling right now so it’s a blessing that she’s been able to jump in and help this time around. She kept the home fires burning during Cole’s last Iditarod – she’s one of those heroes behind the scenes who I am sending my most heartfelt thanks to!

    Thank you Laurie!!!!!

    I am late to the party this morning – dang work getting in the way! Don’t these other people realize their is a RACE GOING ON? Geez.

  29. Mary Lowell Says:

    Thanks for the updates…the website doesn’t show her into Safety yet! Glad I have you to keep things updated. It’s been a blast sharing this exciting event with all of you. Go #42!!

  30. Susan Says:

    The busers are 2 miles out of Nome. The siren should be sounding. Here is the link to the Nome web cam.

  31. Martha in Juneau Says:

    This has been a lot of fun! Susan with the GPS tracking, Amy with all of the dog names, the rest of us with all of our excitement and nail biting! I’m just sure that the dogs heard all of our cheering, and felt our long distance hugs and well wishes.

    I sure wish we’d hear from Zack Steer, too, at the Alaska Dispatch – but I suppose they had to let him put away his laptop so he could bite his own fingernails over his wife’s race.

    Yes, I think the dogs know when the end is near. Especially dogs who have been on this trail! They also feel every single emotion over the gangline, however tired they may be. I would give anything to be in Nome this year and just hug Penny and all the others til I dropped.

  32. Susan Says:

    The Busers came in side by side–how great is that!

    58 Sousa, Gerald 7.5 901 R

    42 Robertia, Colleen 7.7 896 R

    18 Mackey, Lance 5.5 894 R

    06 Bailey, Jodi
    8.3 893 R

    32 Steer, Anjanette
    6.2 886 R

  33. Joseph Says:

    Hi all. Cole is getting close and doesn’t appear to be losing any steam. She also appeaars to be pulling away from Lance so hopefully she earned the 21st position. We’ll find out soon, still enough trail left anything could happen.
    To be quick, the connection here in Nome is terrible, so I haven’t been able to get on the blog in to days. Sent the last post to our Web guru by email and they posted, so thanks to Web Express for getting that up for all of us.
    I’ll try to get pics of COle coming in and post them as soon as I can, but it will be connection willing.
    As to who is on the team that’s been here before, it is: Penny, Seeker, GOliath, Nuk, Hank, WAylon, Zoom and Butterscotch. This will be Buliwyf and WOlf’s frist time to Nome.
    Thanks for the info from Laurie Cramer. I’m waiting to talk to COle when she gets in and find out if she watns me to go home with the dogs right away or stay with her until the banquet. I’ll try and contact her soon.

  34. Martha in Juneau Says:

    That is cool, Susan, I kinda had a feeling…this is a training run for the young ‘un (boy is he cute with those dimples) and what a great way to run this race the first time! All that knowledge and experience from Martin! No matter what happens from here on out, dad and son raced an Iditarod together and that by itself is a the experience of a lifetime. Go Martin and Rohn!

    Joseph, when you see that message from Laurie let us know.

  35. Nancy Mullet Says:

    Susan, my son and his family live in soldotna. Monica, his wife, works with Colleen at the school and my grandaughters volunteer with the dogs in the summer. I will be coming to AK around the end of June and stay until the middle of August. I was there for the first time last year and loved it. Can’t wait til June comes. This race has been so awesome and I have really enjoyed it. I also have another connection, Matt Faillor #57 is from my home town in Ohio and he is in all the papers there. Hope to meet you this summer.

  36. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Nancy, Susan – hope your trip and stay in Alaska is the best this year! If I weren’t all wrapped up in family travel I’d try to get up there, too so I could meet at least one of you. I was so close to RGK last year while visiting on the Peninsula, but we didn’t connect and my time was so short. Soon!

  37. Susan Says:

    Damn! the last update DIDN’T… waiting another 6 minutes…. Have worn a circle in my carpet from pacing.

  38. Susan Says:


    Sousa, Gerald
    6.2 903 R

    Robertia, Colleen
    7.5 898 R

    Mackey, Lance
    7.0 896 R

    Bailey, Jodi
    3.9 895 R

  39. Nancy Mullet Says:

    Looks like Lance Mackey is trying to overtake Colleen, he is going 9.1 mph and is only 2 miles behind.

  40. Susan Says:

    yes, I think he held his dogs back… easier to ‘draft’ a team that’s ahead than to be ahead and urging dogs on with no ‘prey’ ahead to catch. (Mother would not approve of that sentence construction!)

  41. Susan Says:

    I’ll be happy to see the 900 show in miles.

    Robertia, Colleen
    7.5 899 R

    Mackey, Lance
    9.1 897 R

    Bailey, Jodi
    7.0 896 R

  42. Amy Gregg Says:

    Is there a way to watch her come in live? All I can find on the Iditarod website is videos after the fact. (Except for Dallas)

    It’s getting close.

  43. Susan Says:

    Not really. The Nome webcam is the only thing going. It takes a new shot every 30 seconds. Most of the time you see the people facing toward the sled (but no sled) and then you see the mob of people under the arch. but maybe we’ll be lucky.

  44. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Amy, Susan left that link to the webcam in Nome – refreshing every 30 seconds (or manually)

    Arrgghhh! I have to run out to work soon and I’m going to miss this!

    Lance, don’t you even think of it! Well, you can think of it, but Cole is going to keep her lead!

  45. Susan Says:

    Wow! Now Cim Smyth is pouring it on!.

    Glad to see Cole has stopped (to snack dogs?) as I haven’t caught a single stop since white mountain.

    42 Robertia, Colleen 0.0 900 R

    18 Mackey, Lance 6.3 898 R

    06 Bailey, Jodi 9.8 897 R
    08 Smyth, Cim7.1 891 R

  46. Susan Says:

    oops! I misread. It’s Jodi who’s almost at 10 mph

  47. Susan Says:

    Robertia, Colleen
    6.4 901 R

    Mackey, Lance
    7.0 899 R

    Bailey, Jodi
    8.7 898 R

  48. Susan Says:

    Gerald Sousa is into Nome!
    Cole is cruising…. I’m on the verge of tears realizing how much she has had to deal with and yet the zeal of the team as it lopes toward Nome!

    42 Robertia, Colleen 7.4 903 R

    18 Mackey, Lance
    6.9 901 R

    Bailey, Jodi
    7.7 900 R

  49. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Incredible, just incredible! Way to go Cole and team! You have a long deserved rest ahead of you, hopefully all the gathering of dogs and returning home goes well. I have to go to work, so my very best goes out to you on your last hour plus on the trail. Don’t even let that Mackey character try to pass your team who could! You completely, utterly rock!

  50. Susan Says:

    Robertia, Colleen
    7.4 904 R

    Mackey, Lance
    7.4 902 R

    Bailey, Jodi
    7.7 901 R

  51. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Neck and neck Susan! I’ll be back to read all about how Colleen managed to beat Lance in spite of his valiant effort!

  52. Susan Says:

    Interesting to note that in the 2010 race Cole was #36 and #35 was…. wait for it….Gerald Sousa!

  53. Nancy Mullet Says:

    She’s going into Nome doing 8.5 mph. No one’s going to catch her!!!!

  54. Susan Says:

    Seems like we should be able to make out Joseph at the finish line on the Nome web cam…..

    Robertia, Colleen
    8.5 906 R

    Mackey, Lance
    6.9 903 R

    Bailey, Jodi
    6.8 902 R

  55. Jerseykat / Janet Says:

    LOL I’m dying here and going to hyperventilate till it’s over!
    While I love Lance I’m hoping he doens’t make the move.

  56. Martha in Juneau Says:

    I love Lance, too – so many great mushers and so little time – but Cole, you are special!

  57. Mary Lowell Says:

    Grrr! I keep getting interrupted at work Don’t these people know there is a race on!

    Go Cole!!!

  58. Susan Says:

    ppl are gathering at the arch… the siren must have blown!

  59. Susan Says:

    Robertia, Colleen
    8.4 907 R

    Mackey, Lance
    9.2 904 R

  60. Susan Says:

    I think she’s THERE!

  61. Susan Says:

    AT LEAST ALL the people were facing the arch, not the road.

  62. Susan Says:

    I think the little white square you see among all the people is coles racing bib

  63. Susan Says:

    Robertia, Colleen
    9.1 908 R


    I think it will be a week before this adrenelin (sp) wears off!

  64. Martha in Juneau Says:

    YAY! You not only made it, you made so many people proud of your enduring spirit and ability to bring out the very best in your little team of furry athletes! YAY!

  65. Mary Lowell Says:

    Congratulations, Cole, what a great race!!!

    Ear scratches and belly rubs for Penny and the rest of the pack!

  66. Jerseykat / Janet Says:

    That was a nail biter to the end. Now everyone can sit back and enjoy the rest of the race till the red lantern!
    I’m so thrilled for Cole and everyone on team RGK!

  67. Margaret Stashluk Says:

    Congratulations Colleen and dogs!!!

  68. Amanda Burg Says:

    What an amazing race! This was really exciting, and I am really proud of them. :-)

    I know Colleen said this was her last long race, but I wonder if coming so close to 20th will make her come back for one more.

    I hope all the dogs recover well, and that Colleen and Joseph are able to have some time to relax in Nome and enjoy themselves.

  69. Mary Lowell Says:

    Joseph, thanks for the updates from “the field”.

    Susan, thanks for all the gps updates, and thanks to the rest of the ladies for keeping me company on an exhilarating ride, and for the insight into the race. Now I can relax…and maybe get some work done!

  70. Susan Says:

    now I’ll be refreshing the RGK blog like every few minutes waiting to hear from Joseph! Maybe I’ll take a shower and get dressed first.

  71. Nancy Mullet Says:

    caught the web cam just in time to see Colleen and her whole team heading down the chute. It was so exciting. Was also on the phone with my Alaska family and shared it with them. This has been great! Take care everyone.

  72. Donna Schmidt Says:

    Ohhh I’m so glad she’s in and so angry I had a patient arrive early and miss it on the web cam :-(
    I can’t wait to hear from them and see pics but hope they take their time and rest up first.
    Congrats Colleen looks like she came in 37 mins behind Gerald. I think if I remember right that means she made up about an hour on the course cause he left about an hour and 40 mins before her out of White Mountain right?? That’s super impressive!! Way to go team!!
    My heart is beaming with happiness. It’s going to take a while to calm down. Now to relax and watch the remaining 20+ mushers come in!!
    I’d love to see a pic of the red lantern!

  73. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Cole poured it on and closed her gap to 1/2 hr with Sousa! Jodi poured it on and came in 2 1/2 minutes between Mackey! Great race you guys, gals and teams!

  74. Martha in Juneau Says:

    behind, not between. Yes, Donna – I saw the same thing. She zoomed (and pennied, and wolfed)! Who was in the lead when she came in?

  75. Susan Says:

    One more post. This is from the Official Current Standings page:

    21st place. Arrived 11:04:19. 10 dogs. 10 days, 20 hours, 4 minutes 19 seconds
    Average speed was 3.71 mph. time from Safety was 3 hours 6 min. time out of Safety on 3/15 was 7:58 am.

    21 Colleen Robertia 42 Nome 3/15 11:04:19 10 10 20 4 19 3.71 3h 6m Safety 3/15 07:58:00

  76. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Oops, I thought it was Rohn Buser’s first race, but it’s his second. “Too close to tell” from the sidelines, and Dee Dee Jonrowe said she’d never seen two teams be able to run leaders like that side by side before. Pretty cool – I’ll bet that was a lot of fun to see.

    More fun to see is more RGK!

  77. Zyxomma Says:

    Love to Cole and all the dogs. Health and peace. Have a well-deserved rest!

  78. Kathy Says:

    Yes, Yes, yes….. Cole, Joseph and the dogs all need a much-deserved rest. This has been SOOO much fun. What a race….. and our 42 finished!!!!! Congrats Cole.You should be proud. Now, to watch the rest of the mushers come into Nome. I wish them luck and safe travels.

  79. Marilyn Anderson Says:

    Congratulations, Cole, for a job well done. I echo Kathy. You should be very proud. It was so much fun to follow you across Alaska with the GPS. Thanks for 10 days of great entertainment. Hope you and all the dogs are well.


  80. Martha in Juneau Says:

    The last two racers, Jan Steves and Bob Chlupach, made it to the coast, running together. I love that Bob is running mostly Siberians, commemorating their contributions to dog mushing in Alaska.

    “Though his dog kennel is not all Siberian huskies, he will be running a predominately Siberian husky team, with Siberians bred from within the kennel. He has watched the race exponentially evolve, but despite all the new technologies, he is looking forward to renewing old friendships in the villages along the way.”

  81. Susan Says:

    For those of you who have the Insider, they have fixed the video of Cole finishing. It is awesome… and great shot of Joseph, with flowers and a hug and kiss. Looked like Penny was leading them in. And she said that Penny took them across the ice in the storm!

  82. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Togo, of the “Great Race of Mercy” fame, was a Siberian husky!

    “…It was decided that the only fast way to make the six hundred and seventy-four mile run was by relay teams. Twenty top teams would be involved in the relay, including Eskimo and Athabascan Indian mushers as well as U.S. mail carriers. Leonhard Seppala and his team lead by Togo, would take the first sled out of Nenana.

    Once the shipment of serum arrived in Nenana, a musher named Wild Bill Shannon, grabbed the package, wrapped it in furs and he and his team of Malamutes made their way down the Tanana River. The temperature was 50 degrees below zero.

    Meanwhile, Nome’s best musher, Leonhard Seppala would travel eastward behind a string of his 20 Siberian Huskies, with Togo in the lead, to meet Wild Bill Shannon and the serum. Balto and a few other dogs were left behind at an outpost called Bluff to provide Seppala with fresh pullers on his return trip. Then Togo led the remaining dogs onto the treacherous ice of Norton Sound, driving for Unalakleet.

    After Seppala had covered 150 miles, 43 of which were jagged ice, he met Wild Bill Shannon and the serum. Seppala picked it up then spun around. By this time, a blizzard had struck and was pushing water onto the Norton Sound ice, causing it to break up into floes. The fastest way to Nome was back the way he had come — over Norton Sound.

    Sometimes Seppala could barely see Togo picking a path through the white mists, but he had to trust the dog’s judgment. In places, the route they had previously used had vanished. They glided within mere feet of frigid waves. Seppala gambled his life, the lives of his team and the fate of Nome, that Togo would lead them to safety. They made 43 miles after picking up the serum, rested and then, once more, moved on…”

  83. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Yay Susan! I hoped Penny was in the lead – what an athlete she is! I hope there is some serious napping going on right about now.

  84. Susan Says:

    There is a new post from Joseph!

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