Post Race

Hi all. Well we are still in nome recovering from all the stress, excitment, lack of sleep, etc. etc. Cole has gotten a hot showever and a few big meals into her, and she’s only fallen asleep midmeal or mid-conversion about a halfdozen times, so that’s poretty good. She got some really good sleep last night, ironically 8 hours, the same amount that she cumulatively got over the last 10 days. I don’t know how she does that.
Funny story though. After she got in from the trail, she went to take a hot shower at the hotel we were staying at. They are more people in Nome right now then places to stay, so we had to take what we could get. We got a room in one of the more questionable establishments. We checked in and one of two communal toilets for the hotel was being snaked out from backing up. We shared a shower and toilet with about 60 people as a result. The room is over the bar, which started hoping at night when the wet T-shirt contest started, so between the bass of the music and the cheers of the crowd, the floors and walls were vibrating till about 4 a.m.
Anyway, Cole came in and started to taking shower, but didn’t know the bathroom light was on a motion sensor, so as she was in the shower cubicle, the lights went out. In her sleep deprived state she wasn’t sure what happened or what to do since she was all soaped up, so we just heard her start pounding on the walls shouting, “Hello! Hello!” We came and shouted instructions thorugh the door to get the light back on, but it definetly wierded her out.
Luckily, while having breakfast with some mushing friends of our and their friends, Cole met a woman who had a room for the next few nights in one of the nicest places in town WITH a shower in her own room, and she couldn’t stay any longer, so she gave it to Cole and at least tonight Cole will finally get to rest in comfort. I’ll miss out as I’m flying home with the dogs to get them back on their home turf where they can truly be comfortable and start putting all their weight back on.
Everyone actually doesn’t look too much worse for the wear, especially Buliwyf and Seeker. They both look and are energetically acting like they hadn’t just run 1,000 miles. Zoom is the only one who looks pretty trail worn. She got a virus toward the end of the race which caused her to lose her appetite, but gave her really bad diarhea. The combination has caused her to drop a ton of weight since finishing since her metabolism is still processing like a marathon runner’s, but luckily the veterinary team worked closely with Cole to get her a spot indoors in the heat, so she could rest without burning any more calories. They also gave her some antibotics and vitamins to help get her on her feet quickly and as of today she has started ot eat like a wolf again. We went to the grocery store and bought her some really fatty pork chops, which she has really been enjoying.
Well all for now. I’m sad I won’t get to see Cole claim her trohpy and give her finishers speech at the banquet on Sunday, especially since she worked so hard and I’m so proud of her, but it sounds like Tatika is really no doing well back home with us gone, so Cole said she would rather have me be there for Tika than her.
All for now, but more when I hear more from the banquet. There are always numerous awards gvien out besides the placement awards, so maybe Cole will have earned somehitng else. We’ll find out soon. Thanks again to everyone for their support, and I hope you enjoyed this new picture at the top that I found on the web of the cermonial start, which seems like a lifetime ago after how crazy the past 10 days were. Still can’t believe its all over.

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  1. Susan Says:

    Hey everyone! I’d love to have your e-mails so we can ‘talk’ without clogging up the blog.

    My e-mail is… you can share yours offlist if you want.

    It has been one big wild ride!!! Glad to have had such good company.

  2. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Here Cole goes through 1000 mile race, with mishaps and weather beyond her control, and then to top it off she gets stuck in a shower with no lights when she’s back in civilization! Sometimes it’s the little things that get ya.

    Give my best to team and Tatika at home, so glad you’ve had Laurie to help out there. They are so much a part of our lives.

    Yay on all the dogs and glad to hear that Zoom is recovering. I wonder if she knows what a hero she is for stepping up!

    Susan, we’d love a report from an Insider if you get to see the musher’s banquet on video. Have fun, Cole – enjoy that hard earned banquet festivity!

  3. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Joseph – you probably know about plain pumpkin and / or applesauce for helping diarrhea? Even if it’s from being sick, it helps a lot to stabilize digestive issues. Canned pumpkin is one of our mainstays around here – even my cats like it.

  4. Kathy Says:

    Wow, this has been fun….. But all good things have to come to an end. I owe so many thanks… To Cole and the dogs for enduring such weather and conditions so I can enjoy the race in my warm, cozy home. To Joseph for keeping us informed. To my chat friends, here, for their info and encouraging comments. To those sponsors of the Great Race. You all have caused smiles and tears the last 10 days. Let’s continue to stay involved here at the blog. I look forward to checking in from time to time. And remember those still out on the trail…… be safe!

  5. Martha in Juneau Says:

    I agree with Kathy – thanks to everyone, and it has been an amazing journey!

  6. Donna Schmidt Says:

    Kathy, Susan, Martha thanks so much for posting the pictures and video that really was awesome. I too have enjoyed cheering them on with you. If you wanna keep in touch I’m at

    Laurie thanks for being such a great friend and letting Joseph stay in Nome a while longer…oh and you owe me a return phone call since you cut me short on the way to Denver! (don’t think I forgot!)

    Joseph- thanks for being such a great blogger and keeping us updated and feeling like we’re really a part of everything. Clearly you are an amazing husband and Colleen is very lucky!

    Colleen I hope you are resting well, thanks for my new manicure from the nail biting race!! I’m so glad you made it safely and I hope the award banquet treats you well!! And I agree you have an amazingly beautiful braid!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend in Nome and safe travels back!

  7. Susan Says:

    “Susan, we’d love a report from an Insider if you get to see the musher’s banquet on video.”

    They usually have videos, so I will do my best to post about the banquet. I think it happens on The 18th… Sunday? I will need to check.

  8. Janet / Jerseykat Says:

    Thanks Joseph for the latest update. Know you and Cole are exhausted and we all appreciate the news.
    Glad Cole got moved to a nicer (shower) room and can relax for the banquet. Have a safe journey home and give all the dogs a snack and pet from us all.

    As to keeping in about a facebook group? Not sure who’s on FB but it’s easy to set up a group and it can be public or private.
    It’s been a blast sharing this experience with everyone here.

  9. Janet / Jerseykat Says:

    Oh also on the Iditarod page on the sidebard the Iditarod trail committee is running contest they call the St Paddys day pot of gold. I put up Colleen and everyone can vote on it.

  10. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Janet, can you include the link? I can’t seem to find it, thanks!

  11. Janet / Jerseykat Says:

    Martha you can find it on the main page of
    There is a box on the left side down toward the bottom that says “Find us on Facebook” and in this box if you scroll down you will find the St Paddys day poll. Or you could “friend” them on facebook (Iditarod trail committee) which is the official page and it’s listed under questions. If you hover over Colleen you will see me LOL as I put it up.

  12. Susan Says:

    I tried to sneak in, but couldn’t get there ‘cuz I’m not on facebook. Bummer

  13. Jerseykat/Janet Says:

    LOL Susan I’m on FB but I’m very selective of who I friend and what I share with others. Didn’t want to join either at one time but did to keep in touch with friends & family who I don’t see that often.

  14. Jerseykat/Janet Says:

    Ack hit enter too soon, but you can still vote on the main iditarod page I believe as it doesn’t ask about facebook on that box.

  15. Mary Lowell Says:

    The second blog is about Penny.

  16. Susan Says:

    DH has facebook so he can keep tabs of what the young man is posting on HIS facebook. I will ask him to log in and that will work.

    As of this writing, Dan Seavey is in White Mountain (his last three GPS pings showed speeds of almost 10 mph.) He arrived at 13:50 so his mandatory 8 is up at 21:50 ADT. (that’s 10:50 pm in Nevada, and 1:50 am for Mary in Mass)

    The two red lanterns, Bob and Jan, and resting in Elim. Those two are training partners from Edmonds, WA.

    I’ll be tuned into Insider tomorrow evening to see what’s happening at the banquet.

    Oh, yeah, Matt Faillor (sp?) who was running the Buser puppy team, smoked it from Safety to Nome in 2 hr 30 min, so looks like he’ll get THAT prize. His team came running up Front Street and avoided the chute! Leaders went to the left of it!…Rhon and Martin helped get them stopped and turned around and into the chute.


  17. Susan Says:

    edit: Don’t know where that last ‘Dan’ came from!

  18. Susan Says:

    Here’s what it looks like coming into Nome:

  19. Amy Gregg Says:

    My email is:

    Facebook and Pinterest: Amy Miller Gregg

    I’ve totally enjoyed this week and spending it with all of you!

  20. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Mary, thanks for that find! Here’s a link to a great pic of Penny and Cole in full size that was with that post:

    I didn’t know that there was an “Official Canine Reporter for the Iditarod”!

  21. Janet / Jerseykat Says:

    This isn’t this years race, it’s 2010 I believe but it’s a great view of coming down front street. It’s Aliy Zirkle and her “aliycam” videos of the race. Love this one as you can see and hear what’s going on and her pleas to Rose who is drifting over for pets.

  22. Amy Gregg Says:

    Dan is in to Nome! And the 2 red lanterns are in White Mountain. Hopefully they will make it in in time for tonight’s banquet.

    Does anyone know how the purse is divided? I know it’s probably not my business, but I would love to know how much Cole will get for her efforts. I know it will never pay for all she went through and all the expenses and training she put in, but hopefully it will be a nice bonus to offset the costs.

    I’m still psyched over her great finish and the great job the team did! I hope she is resting well and totally enjoying her time in Nome.

  23. Janet / Jerseykat Says:

    Amy I think I’ve seen it for past years but not this one. Believe but not 100% that Joseph mentioned a top 20 finish covers the costs of the race and they don’t lose on the event. Think they announce it after the banquet what the total purse breaks out to.

  24. Mary Lowell Says:

    Martha, I didn’t know they had an official canine reporter either until I happened to click into one of the trail committee’s posts on FB. And, thanks for the link to the photo.

    Susan & Jersykat, thanks for the links to the arriving in Nome videos. I love how Aliy’s dogs wanted to be petted!

  25. Susan Says:

    The prize money for 21st place is $7200. And I cannot find the link that breaks it down, but it was from ADN.


  26. Susan Says:

    found it:

  27. Susan Says:

    Hear the KNOM interview with Colleen here:

    Hear the banquet LIVE on KNOM–only if you have a really powerful radio setup!!!

    Hear the #Iditarod2012 Awards Banquet live on KNOM tonight! Our broadcast will begin around 6pm on 96.1fm, 780am (no online streaming).

  28. Susan Says:

    Jan and Bob have left White Mountain…. the red lanterns are on their way!

  29. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Go Red Lanterns! Go Siberian huskies!

  30. Susan Says:

    So for those that have Facebook, the ITC Facebook page is posting tidbits from the banquet. Apparently there is some news on twitter too.

  31. Susan Says:

    From the Banquet in Nome… Nome kennel club fastest time from Safety to Nome.. Mike Williams, Jr.
    Like · Comment · 38 seconds ago ·
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    Iditarod Trail Committee
    From the Banquet in Nome… Wells Fargo Bank AK Gold Coast Award presented by Scotty Watkins and other reps from Nome branch – Aliy Zirkle

  32. Susan Says:

    From the Finisher’s Banquet in Nome… Presented by Scott Janssen to Mitch Seavey – sequence of $20 bills instead of $1′s presented in a custom made small casket

  33. Susan Says:

    From the Banquet… ExxonMobil Mushers Choice Award.. Presented by Bill Bracken – Dan Seavey
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    Iditarod Trail Committee
    From the Banquet in Nome.. Presented by Clara Austin and daughter and granddaughter – Brent Sass

    From the Banquet… Horizon lines most improved musher– Rohn Buser

  34. Susan Says:

    Northern Air Cargo Herbie Nayokpuk Award… Presented by NAC CEO and Herbie’s wife and granddaughter to Michelle Phillips

    Fred Meyer Sportsmanship Award… Presented by Jim Gallea – Lance Mackey

  35. Susan Says:

    these are the awards:

    Anchorage Chrysler Dodge Official Truck Award
    • Presented to the Iditarod winner since 1991
    • 2012 Dodge Ram 4/x/4 quad cab pickup truck
    • Presentation made at finish line and again at Nome banquet

    GCI Dorothy G Page Halfway Award
    • Presented by GCI since 1994 in honor of the late Dorothy G Page, the “Mother of the Iditarod”
    • Presented at the halfway checkpoint, Iditarod in odd numbered years and Cripple in even numbered years
    • First musher to the checkpoint receives a trophy and $3,000 in gold nuggets
    • Presentation made at the checkpoint and again at Nome banquet

    Winner’s Purse Award
    • Awarded at the finish line and again at the Awards Banquet in Nome

    Wells Fargo Gold Coast Award
    • Presented by Wells Fargo since 1993 to the first musher to the “Gold Coast” community of Unalakleet
    • Musher receives a beautiful trophy and $2,500 worth of gold nuggets
    • Presentation made at checkpoint and again at Awards Banquet in Nome

    Wells Fargo Red Lantern Award
    • Presented by Wells Fargo Bank since 1993 to the last musher to finish Race
    • Musher receives a trophy made from a red lantern
    • Presentation made on the street as musher comes to finish line and again at the Red Lantern banquet

    Iditarod Trail Committee Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award
    • Presented since 1982 to a top 20 team
    • Based on specific criteria to determine who has best demonstrated outstanding dog care throughout the Race
    while remaining competitive. Recipient receives a lead crystal cup on an illuminated wooden base

    Fred Meyer Sportsmanship Award
    • Presented by Fred Meyer since 2002
    • Recipient chosen by fellow mushers
    • Musher receives an engraved trophy and a $500 Fred Meyer gift certificate
    • Presented at the Nome banquet

    Horizon Lines Most Improved Musher Award
    • Honors the musher who has bettered his/her last previous finish by the most number of places
    • Winner receives an engraved trophy plus $2,000
    • Presented at Nome banquet

    PenAir Spirit of Alaska Award
    • Presented since 2000 to the first musher into McGrath
    • Musher receives an original “Spirit Mask,” specially created for this event by Bristol Bay artist, Orville Lind, and a
    $500 credit on PenAir towards travel or freight shipments
    • Presented at the McGrath checkpoint and again at the Nome banquet

    Nome Kennel Club Fastest Time From Safety to Nome Award
    • Presented by the Nome Kennel Club since 1973
    • Winner must be in top 20
    • Musher receives $500
    • Presented at the Nome banquet

    Rookie of the Year Award
    • Presented since 1980 to the top place rookie (defined as a musher who has never before started the Race) by
    Clara Austin (wife of Jerry Austin) and Family of St. Michael
    • Musher receives check for $1,500 and trophy
    • Presented at the Nome banquet

    City of Nome Lolly Medley Memorial Golden Harness Award
    • Originally presented by the late Lolly Medley, Wasilla harness maker and one of two women to run the second
    Iditarod in 1974
    • Embroidered gold colored harness
    • Goes to an outstanding led dog, chosen by the mushers
    • Presented at the Nome banquet

    EXXONMOBIL Mushers Choice Award
    • Each year the official finishers make the decision as to who was the most inspirational musher on the trail.
    • The award has been presented by EXXONMOBIL since 2010
    • Presented by Bill Brackin, Public Relations Manager of Alaska
    • The Iditarod Limited Edition Gold Coin is valued at $3,300 and it’s surrounded by a gold chain rope.

    Golden Clipboard Award
    • Presented by the mushers since 2000 to a special checkpoint
    • Voted on by the mushers
    • Presented at the Nome banquet

    Golden Stethoscope Award
    • Presented by the Iditarod Official Finishers Club (IOFC) to the veterinarian whom they feel was the most helpful
    on the trail
    • Recipient chosen by the mushers
    • Recipient receives an appropriate plaque
    • Presented at the Nome banquet

    Northern Air Cargo Herbie Nayokpuk Memorial Award
    • Presented to the musher chosen by staff and officials as the person who most closely mimics “Herbie: The
    Shishmaref Cannon Ball” in his/her attitude on the trail
    • Recipient receives free freight allotment on Northern Air Cargo and a walrus ivory scrimshawed trophy, plus
    $1,049 in “pocket change” inside of a NAC jacket
    • Presented at the Nome banquet

    Northern Air Cargo 4-Wheeler Award
    • A new 4 Wheeler will be given to a musher who has finished the race, and whose key, which is chosen randomly
    by the mushers, starts the 4 wheeler as they approach the Awards stage.
    • Presented at the Nome Banquet

  36. Susan Says:

    City of Nome Lolly Medley Golden Harness Award… Presented by Nome mayor Denise Michaels – Guinness on Dallas Seavey lead dog…. a pint sized female once thought too small to race…

    From the banquet…. Leonard Seppala Humanitarian Award.. 33rd time AK Air has presented — and it goes to…. DeeDee Jonrowe

  37. Susan Says:

    From the banquet…. Golden Stethoscope Award presented by Martin Buser… to.. Ruth Kothe, DVM and Tanja Kruse, DVM

  38. Susan Says:

    Iditarod Trail Committee
    Judy Bittner from Idiitarod Historic Trail Alliance is now presenting awards to various groups and communities along the Iditarod Trail…

  39. Susan Says:

    Outstanding checkpoint award: Nulato

    Auctioneer Greg Bill, Iditarod, just auctioned the Dallas Seavey bid… Purchased for $500

  40. Susan Says:

    here is a link to the streamed banquet doings.

  41. Susan Says:

    Iditarod Trail Committee
    Before each musher comes on stage each musher is drawing a key to see if it starts NAC prize 4-wheeler

  42. Susan Says:

    When it was Coles turn to speak at the banquet she shared that when she came into Cripple she was so cold and tired and she peed herself!!! “I’ve heard it’s happened to others!!!

    She thanked each of her dogs by name. Thanked Lance for all she learned traveling with him for awhile.

  43. Susan Says:

    Martin Buser: “It’s bring your kid to work year!”

  44. Susan Says:

    49 Chlupach, Bob 9.7 883 R

    40 Steves, Jan 8.2 883

  45. Susan Says:

    Bob and Jan are in Safety!!!

  46. Martha in Juneau Says:

    I had trouble getting here today, did anyone else? Lots of great blogging about the banquet and back o’ the pack mushers, Susan!

    “She thanked each of her dogs by name.” What a race they ran!

  47. Jerseykat / Janet Says:

    Thanks Susan for the play by play of the banquet! It’s fun to find out who got what (and what it is).
    I’m partial but I know that give the golden harness to the winners lead dog but I think Penny should have gotten it for leading Cole through the wind.
    LOL she could have blown away!

  48. Jerseykat/Janet Says:

    Ack…hate my keyboard as it drops whole words! What meant was they seem to normally give the GH to the winners lead dog. Also that Penny could have been blown away!

  49. Martha in Juneau Says:

    I hope Colleen had a great time at the banquet and that she made some new connections in addition to seeing familiar faces (some who you didn’t want running behind you).

    I hope all is well at home, hugs to Tatika.

  50. Martha in Juneau Says:

    I enjoyed hearing some new voices cheering RGK on the Post “Ladies & Gents, we have a dog race”, probably stuck in moderation.

    Thanks to everyone who told RGK just how special they are!

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