Swimming Pics

Lots of pictures this week, but few words. Been busy swimming and hiking with the gang. Here’s a few images. Enjoy.

I like the way it looks when several of them leave long ripples across the surface and they swiftly swimming from one shore to the other side.

Goliath has figured out how to cheat. He’ll swim across, but then bound back on the shore. It’s still good excercise though.

As soon as the dogs see us in our swimming suits, the begin going nuts, much like Ghost here.

And of course at the pond, there is no end to the splashing when Dunkel and Metoo are involved.

4 Responses to “Swimming Pics”

  1. Mary Lowell Says:

    Great pics…looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Thanks for the pictures. Anyone could tell that the dogs were having fun. Good Exercise. Sorry you didn’t catch many fish this year. Our forecast for today, here in central Illinois, is 100! We are having a severe drought. For those having good weather— enjoy it.

  3. Jerseykat/Janet Says:

    Those pics are great. Gotta love Goliath and his ingenious way of swimming back. Love him bounding over the bluebells (not sure what those blue flowers are)?
    Butter reminds me of a shark surfing across in the top pic.
    Hope you and the dogs are enjoying the summer.

  4. Kate Says:

    Love the pictures, Dunkle and Meeto look like two little kids!

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