Aaaaaaand $600 later….

Living up to the popular bumper sticker “Owner of world’s most expensive free dog,” Shagoo has mined our bank account once again, in this, her fifth surgery. Fortunately, while her veterinary work drained our bank account, all three of the tumors she had removed proved to be non-cancerous, so that is great news. We had her on antibotics for two weeks prior to the surgery, but when the lupms didn’t repond, the vets said “get her in quickly.”
We’re still glad they came off, even if it wasn’t life or death. The ones on her head and back were starting to really bother her. She was itching them regularly, so it was only a matter of time before they got infected and caused more problems. The one near her tail was also getting large, and we feared it could inhibit her abililty to use the bathroom properly. Having already recieved two surgeries for her “wheezer” condition, we were the most worried about her being under anesthesia, but she pulled through great and with the incision stapled, rather than just sewn, not even her immediate return to high activity (despite our best efforts to keep her calm) have affected her surgery sites. Hopefully she’ll be fully recovered soon. All for this week.

3 Responses to “Aaaaaaand $600 later….”

  1. Kate Says:

    She looks like quite the queen sitting there on the couch. Lucky girl to have such good dog parents.

  2. Mary Lowell Says:

    Glad to hear that the lumps were nothing serious – great outcome!

  3. Kate Says:

    Hey Joseph, got you beat, Holly was almost $3000.

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