Last of the Summer Swimming

This summer, like those of the past, I’ve really come to realize that some ofthe dogs really do love swimming more than they love running. This is great for two reason: one is we get to give them yearround exercise and enrichment; and two, if we did ever have to relocate to the Lower 48 for some reason, I do think as long as we secured a property with a lot of land and a large lake, the dogs could make it. Anyway, all for these week, mostly pics, not a lot of writing. Top pic is Chuba-bubba, looking gorgeous as he crosses the pond in the late afternoon light of a summer day this past week.

I know this above shot if pretty soft, but I don’t care. I love this image of Metoo and Dunkel diving in with reckless abandon.

Metoo coming in for a landing in the deep end.

The two hams running in from the shallow end of the pond.

Even our house dog Jeeves loves getting in on the swimming action.

3 Responses to “Last of the Summer Swimming”

  1. Mary Lowell Says:

    What great pics! They look like they are having so much fun, although I’m not so sure about Chubba-bubba – he looks like he just saw a ghost. And, oh my goodness, Jeeves…the name just seems to fit, in that pic anyway – as soon as I saw it I pictured the stiff upper lipped butler type (and that was before I read his name). :)
    All the best to you and Cole, and ear scratches for all the woofers!

  2. Amy Gregg Says:

    Love the pics! Did y’all get any of that horrible windstorm that Anchorage got? There are still lots without power even days later.

    Hope all is well. Life is keeping me very busy these days. Looking forward to your next post as always!


  3. Dianne Says:

    Adorable picture of Jeeves. He’s so cute. I agree that Chubba-Bubba looks like he’s seen a ghost. Too funny. Love your posts and esp. the pictures. I could just see the woman with the two pups out on the beach, hovering over her babies as she gets encirled with a pack of racing dogs! Yikes!

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