New Pup

It’s been a while, but for anyone still hanging in there, Cole had our baby on Monday. She gave birth to an fiesty, 8 lb girl that we named Lynx Snow Robertia. All the dogs have taken to her well, Metoo most of all. She barely lets any of the other dogs near the baby.

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  1. Kathy Says:

    Congratulations of the birth of Lynx! Mom and baby are looking good. Hope all is well. Your lives will never be the same….. (bet you know that already) Please keep us informed about her growth and progress.

  2. Janet Says:

    Oh congratulations on your new addition!!! Love the name and she’s a cutie. LOL on Metoo being the overprotective god-doggy. You know Lynx now has a new best friend!

  3. Kate Says:

    Hey guys, she is such a cute little mix of both of you. Great Job Meeto!

  4. Amy Gregg Says:

    Many, Many Congratulations! I knew the arrival should be soon since my niece delivered her baby on Wed and they were due about the same time. I’ve been anxiously awaiting news of your blessed event.

    She’s beautiful and perfect! Cole looks beautiful and so natural. Motherhood seems to suit her. Thank you for the update. I know your time is even more in demand now with new parenting responsibilities, but I really appreciate your update and will anxiously await more pic when you have time.

    I love the dog paw visible in the first picture. That’s pretty funny! And I love sweet Metoo, protecting her new human. So sweet.

    Now, I can shop! It’s too hard to find just the right thing when you don’t know the sex. :-)

  5. Mary Lowell Says:

    Cole and Joseph, congratulations on the new “pup”. She’s a cutie! It sure looks like she is going to get plenty of protection from Metoo. Best wishes!!

  6. Ann Says:

    Absolutely love the name. Congratulations on your beautiful baby.

  7. Susan Says:

    Ahhhhh…. Big sigh of happiness and relief! 8 pounds is a big baby! Is Cole’s mom there to help out? Hugs to all! Will be waiting for more details as you have time to share with us.


  8. Martha in Juneau Says:

    I figured that you two wouldn’t have any trouble coming up with names, only choosing from all that you liked! Mushers and their naming power is phenomenal. Lynx Snow is a lovely name.

    Metoo’s middle name is now Notyou. She has a new pack member and is probably worried about the fur not growing in fast enough.

    Cole – new mother’s often cut their hair…and I totally understand why with little squeezy fists pulling and tugging. But, hang in there if you can because your long braid is absolutely fabulous.

    What fun, so exciting for everyone! Not that it was likely there were dull moments in your previous life, but now it’s guaranteed that each day will be full of adventure, love and learning for all.

  9. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Don’t judge me for my apostrophe abuse. Geez.

  10. Amy Gregg Says:

    LOL. Martha, you are too funny! Metoo Notyou. LOVE it!

    I love Lynx, too. I’m not that familiar with the cats so I did a little research. They are really cool! I love how they adapt to there surrounds for camouflage and how the ones in cold climates have huge “snowshoe-like” feet. I love the black tipped ears and their beards.

    On another note for those who love the big cats, we have a tiger refuge here just outside of Tyler, TX. It’s Tiger Creek. Several years ago two of their rescued cubs were featured on animal planet, Sarge and Lily. I got to see them recently when we visited. It’s all ran on donations. They have tigers, lions, puma, cheetah, bobcat and maybe some others. It super cool to see them so close and in a natural type environment.

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