Colleen Robertia Wins T-200 Humanitarian and Sportsmanship Awards

Cole with her awards.

Just a quick post with lots of pics. Usually after a big race weekend we hit a bit of post race depression, it’s hard to go back to work after three day of fun, excitment, anxiety, adrenaline, etc. However, we got a bit of great news last night at the T-200 finishing banquet that makes it impossible not to be happy.
In addition to placing 4th overall in the race, Cole was honored to recieve the Humanitarian Award, which is presented by the race veterinarians to the musher who took the best care of their dogs through the race.
During the speech of why Cole was the recipient, they said in addition to her dog care, she had the best looking team at the finish line (see pic above [by Will Morrow] of them still steaming their way into the finish chute, Penny and Zoom leading the way) with several dogs still hammering their harness and barking to keep on going. This is a real honor to recieve this award and it means more to us than any placement in the race ever could. But to be fair, the award should have gone to Metoo, Quigley and Zoom, for I’m sure their tireless antics helped the veterinarians make their final decision.
For her award win, Cole recieve a beautiful engraved plaque with a photo of a sled dog on it(which I’ll edit this post later and add a photo of her with it. We got home too late last night to take a pic and she had to work early this morning). She also recieved a fur ruff to add to her parka to keep her warm in blowing snow storms, so she can continue to take great care of her dogs.
Winning one award is always special, but Cole was also humbled to win the Sportsmanship Award as well last night. This award is chosen by the other mushers in the race, and goes to a musher with a positive attitude who helps other mushers out. We never heard exactely what it was that earned Cole the award, but she was happy throughout the race, cheered for the Jr T and T-100 mushers when they went by on passes, and helped park a few of the T-200 teams when they came in, so maybe some or all of this lent to a few votes.
For the award, Cole recieved a monetary prize, which as someone guessed in the comments on my last post, will get added to her race winning to help pay for the huge repair bill we accrued when the dog truck broke down twice earlier this season. That’s the sad irony of this sport, even when you win, you don’t break even, but we don’t do this to get rich, we do it becuase e love spending time outdoors ith the dogs.
I wanted to mention a few other quick things. For anyone who didn’t read Amy’s entry in the “comments” of the last post, please do. Cole and I have been doing this for a while so we sometimes forget how things look through the eyes of a beginner. Amy wrote a beautiful and eloquent journal of her experiences this past weekend, and it gives great insight into so many things I would never have thought to mention. PLease check it out.
Also, Amy, I forgot to mention in the last post, the loaf of super nutritious and delicous bread you gave Cole went a long way after the race. Cole was so, so tired after running for two days without rest, she came home too tired to make anything, too tired to even get out of her cold, wet mushing clothes. She just collapsed on the couch, and began to munch on the bread until she fell asleep. We had several of the racers in the house that night too, so below is a pic of her and Penny eating together just before they fell asleep. Our house dog Jeeves is also nosing his way in to make sure he isn’t missing out on anything too good.

O.K. all for now. Check back later today or tonight and I’ll add some pics of Cole’s award and her new ruff. thanks again to everyone who supports us and RGK. We couldn’t do this without your positive thoughts and comments. Oh, and for those who were worried about Buliwyf. He’s doing great. Yesterday we ran al lthe dogs who didn’t race and he was jumping around and doing his best to try and get to the team. He seems back to normal, but we’ll be conservative and still give him a week off from running just to be sure.
O.K. That’s it for real this time. Here’s several pics people have sent us from throughout the race:

Metoo doing her best impression of a Mexican jumping bean in the starting chute. That is Cole’s sister-in-law unsuccesfully attempting to hold Metoo on the ground.

Another shot of Metoo going wild. This time Cole tries to calm her down, while Penny says “Get this maniac away frm me!” It’s hard to imagine Metoo is such an amazing sled dog, and yet she has lived in our house and slept in our bed every day since she was about 4 months old.

8 Responses to “Colleen Robertia Wins T-200 Humanitarian and Sportsmanship Awards”

  1. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Yay for Metoo, the goofy, enthusiastic, bouncing, couch & bed potato, super racer!

    Colleen’s awards are terrific – more tears in my eyes – will you guys please knock it off. Amy’s recap was fabulous. It’s neat to see Mom and Dad in the comments, too!

  2. Amy Gregg Says:

    Congratulations Cole on your two well deserved awards. I’m glad you enjoyed the bread. With the name “Musher’s bread” ( from Great Harvest), I couldn’t resit bringing you a loaf!

  3. Susan McRae Says:

    What a treat! Another post and pictures.

    I find it completely reasonable that Cole should get the humanitarian award… What surprises me is that often times the quality of care can go unnoticed. And did they not mention that instead of tossing Buliwyf into the sled and racing on to catch #3, she turned around and took him back to the checkpoint!

    Well, you set a marvelous example for us all. Good on ya, Cole!

    Amy, we have a Great Harvest Bread company here… I need to check on that ‘Musher’s Bread’.

    And C and J, please tell me if the booties I sent you are okay or not… I can keep making them until I get them right. Just let me know.


  4. Little Brother Says:

    Who mushes in just a sweater? Doesn’t Colleen know she’s not in Florida anymore?

  5. Kathy Says:

    Two awards to be proud of, Cole….. Congratulations!!! Other people realize the passion and kindness you have for the dogs…… And, Joseph,
    the pictures are great…. Love this web site.

  6. Mary Lowell Says:

    Congratulations to Cole and the dogs for a great race. And to Cole for the wonderful awards, you certainly deserve them! Joseph I love the pics and your posts make me feel like I am there instead of here in MA. Keep up the great work and wishing you all the best!

  7. Jerseykat Says:

    Congrats RGK and Cole on being honored with the sportsmanship and humanitarian awards. We know how much you love your dogs and the care you take with them that it’s wonderful to be recognized for it.
    LOL love Metoo and the ummm springs in his butt. That last shot he seems to be going “take my picture”!

  8. Susan McRae Says:

    Oh My! What a beautiful fur Ruff!

    Now if the weather would just cooperate, maybe she’ll get a chance to use it this season!

    thanks for the pix Joseph (and friends).

    and, once again, Congrats.


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