Cole’s Goodbye To Bashful

Goodbye my dear old friend
Holding you in my arms
As you take one last breath
I beg for peace to take hold
And comfort your body
I owe you as much
As you gave to us…
the howl of 100 winds
To inspire the team
The strength of a horse
To move us forward
The loyalty of a dog
To keep our faith
Thank you old friend
For perseverance and triumphs
For silly-hearts and stoic moments
For howling at the world…and at life
I will miss you.

3 Responses to “Cole’s Goodbye To Bashful”

  1. Susan McRae Says:

    Thank you for sharing about Bashful. It is always sad to bid farewell to a fur-child. Each is special and endearing beyond words. He was blessed to be in your care and part of your family/pack for his ‘retirement’ years. And you were blessed to hold him in your arms as he passed from this life to the next.

    hugs to you and Joseph,


  2. Martha in Juneau Says:

    There is no better love, no better way to spend our time than in the company of a great dog. Bashful got to do it all, and made a new friend the last day he was alive. We should all be so lucky, and I thank him for the lesson.

    May he forever be in your hearts with those blue, blue eyes.

  3. Amy Gregg Says:

    As I read your posts about sweet Bashful, I lay cuddling my 14 year old dog, Bailey. I know her time is near, as well, and I truly feel your pain. I am so sorry for your loss. May your fond memories of your years with Bashful fill your hearts and minds and give peace where there is now pain.

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