Another Installment of…

Things have been going well around the kennel this past week. The dogs are all doing great for the most part with only minor exceptions, and we eaked out another win at a local racing event. First, the dog health news.
Tatika is still slowing down, but has been having more good days than bad. She did wander off the other night while we were playing with the other dogs, which is very odd for her. Sometimes when Cole leaves for a week, Tatika will wander to go to the beach or neighbors to look for her, but Cole was standing outside with Tika when she wandered most recently. We think she may just be going senile, and not necessarily looking for the last place Cole really was, rather Tika is looking for the last place she remembers being with Cole. Since we have a lot of little potholes and such around the yard, Tika also occasionally will trip in a hole and have trouble getting up on her own. We don’t want this to happen when she is out of sight, so we have started putting a little cow bell on Tika when she is outside for bathroom breaks or to get a little exercise.

Shagoo (above) had a close call this week too. We got a bag of balloons so our niece and nephew (who come out regularly to help with dog chores) could have a water-balloon fight. The balloons had a bit of a sweet smell when we opened the bag, but we didn’t think much of it at the time. We took about a dozen and went outside for some fun. We came back in a few minutes later for something we forgot and found Shagoo standing on the dining room table woofing balloons down like they were dog treats. Luckily, Shagoo being Shagoo, she went outside, worked herself up with the kids running around, and got into one of her hyperventilating fits. She was hacking so hard she ended up puking and up came an assortment of colorful balloons.

In what has become an unfortunate summer tradition, Buckwheat (above, getting chased)has hurt himself again. Him and Dunkel have started this boys will be boys game where they run around and nip at each other while wrestling in the yard. Metoo gets in on it too from time to time, but it is mostly a game between the fellas. Anyhoo, Dunkel caught Buckwheat just right while playing a high-speed version of this game and it torn about a three inch gash on Buck’s ribs. Luckily he did not need stitches, but we started him on antibiotics and have been keeping him indoors so the wound stays clean.

We also vaccinated and dewormed everyone recently and they did great with getting their shots and taking their medicine. The vaccinations are an annual deal, but we try to deworm the dogs about four times a year, and using different medicines, to keep the dogs healthy. Living in a place with so many other mushers and their sled dogs, germs can transfer easily, so we do all we can to keep our guys healthy.

Speaking of going to the veterinarian, our local vet holds a “Dog Jog” once a year. This involves a 3.5 mile run through town with your dog. We have attended annually since it began about six or seven years ago (with the exception of last year, I think it was too close to Kawlijah’s death and we didn’t feel up to it). We have been lucky enough to win the event a couple of years, which is always great since the winners get veterinary care vouchers. This year I(Joseph) took Metoo (above), and Cole took Dunkel. The dogs did great! Metoo and Dunkel went crazy as soon as we put the harness on them at the start. The race marshall could barely get a word in edgewise over their carrying on. Then the two pulled so hard that at a full sprint we could barely keep up with them. In the end it was worth all the feet beating though because Metoo pulled me to An overall 1st place finish, while Dunkel led Cole to a 2nd place finish in the Women’s event and 4th place overall.
Well, fish-camp starts next week so we’ll be heading down to spend a lot of time by the water, hopefully catching enough salmon to feed us and the dogs all winter long. We try and takes some pictures of how it goes, until then, have fun with your own pets.

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  1. Kathy Says:

    Great Pictures! Dogs seem to each have their own personalities and expressions, don’t they? Our 2 house cats have opposite personalities but
    we love them both. Am looking forward to pictures of the fish camp.
    Still having rain in Illinois. Flowers blooming and grass growing.

  2. Martha in Juneau Says:

    Now that’s a smorgasbord of dog life! Sweet old Tatika, what a trooper! Love the news of how these guys charge through life full bore, which is what I love about dogs. I promise not to bring up the circle of life again since you are going to fish camp.

  3. Susan McRae Says:

    wishing you big success at fish camp. I just got back from wifi free vacation and was glad to read about your doings.

    I cannot imagine trying to keep my feet while being “hitched” to one of your dogs!!! The visual image of you guys racing on foot is funny. Glad you won.

    Glad to hear news of Tatika. Good idea with the bell. Is she going to fish camp? How many dogs do you take? or is ‘going’ to fish camp not an overnight camp?

    Good luck!

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